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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Miles Christi

St. Joseph Academy is blessed to have Fr. Patrick Wainwright, M.C. at the campus of St. Joseph Academy on a twice weekly basis providing regular spiritual direction to all of our 8th grade and high school students who desire it. In these meetings, the students may bring up their spiritual or faith related questions and find answers inspired by the principles of the Gospel and faithful to Catholic spiritual and moral doctrine. The spiritual director may also suggest some readings either taken form the Gospel itself, from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, from the lives of the Saints, or from a good spiritual treatise. In addition to offering spiritual direction, Fr. Patrick is present with the middle/high school students during their lunch break twice a week.  

Miles Christi is a Religious Order formed of Priests and Brothers. Its aim is to help the laity, especially young people, to pursue sanctity. The main forms of apostolate of Miles Christi are the preaching of retreats and of the Spiritual Exercises according to St. Ignatius, spiritual direction, and Catholic formation for the laity through classes, courses, and conferences.

Once a month the Miles Christi priests celebrate Mass for the staff and students. They also lead our Eucharistic Procession on St. Joseph's Feast day, March 19th. During each month we will also continue to invite local priests to hear Confessions and celebrate all other-school Masses.

The spiritual tradition of the saints in the Catholic Church has always viewed spiritual direction—often considered as the “art of all arts”—as an excellent and most appropriate means for the faithful to grow in Christian virtue and discern God’s will in one’s life, thus taking significant steps toward holiness. The aid of a learned and prudent guide, while preserving the freedom of the one directed, motivates the student to progress in maturity and sincerity of heart, to a deeper relationship with God, and to a greater generosity of spirit.
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Father Patrick Wainright
Father Martin Latiff
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