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Scire, Amare, et Servire Deo

Private High School

Discover Saint Joseph Academy's Private Catholic High School 

St. Joseph Academy private Catholic high school offers a rigorous approach towards traditional academics. We provide a challenging, coherent and relevant curriculum for each student. In addition to our classical and college preperatory classes, St. Joseph Academy offers an approach towards teaching the Catholic Faith that both is doctrinally sound and offers many opportunities for spiritual growth. A challenging curriculum, traditional Catholic atmosphere, dedicated faculty, welcoming family community and building lifelong friendships are all hallmarks of SJA.

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Classical Academics

61% of our students take Honors classes.

History of  Achievement

88% of graduates enter a 4-year university.

Competitive Athletics

Over 50% of our students participate in athletics. 

Catholic Values

Holy Mass and Confession are offered during school hours to students, staff, and parents.

Why Saint Joseph Academy?

A Classical Education Through The Trivium

High school students are primed to develop a means to communicate the understanding of the facts and the rules. The Rhetoric stage of the Trivium focuses on excellence in both written and spoken expression that is articulate and persuasive. It is the capstone of a Classical Christian education.  
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Excellence Through Athletics

Saint Joseph Academy incorporates the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church into our athletic program. We are called to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit and we strive to compete both in life and in sports. Participation in athletics teaches self-discipline, teamwork, integrity, sportsmanship, perseverance, leadership and humility.
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An Unrivaled Spiritual Life

Not only do SJA students learn the fundamentals of theology, apologetics, and Catholic teaching in class, they are encouraged to live out their Faith in their daily lives. With an emphasis on apostolic works, students are encouraged to engage in social programs at the local level, wider communities, and globally. Holy Mass, Confession, and spiritual direction are offered often.
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