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IOWA Test Results

IOWA & SAT Test Results

Message from the Principal

August 10, 2017 
Feast of St. Lawrence 

Dear Parents of SJA Students, 

We have received our results from our standardized tests, and your child’s results are included in this mailing. What is a good score for my child? Is 70 a good score? What about 50? What does a 30 mean? Although books could be written on these questions, I’ll give a few quick thoughts. If the average report card grade a child receives these days is a low B or high C, then a 50 is relatively equivalent to a low B. 75-99 would be an A and 25-49 would be a C. A second point is that these scores do not always correlate directly to a student’s grades. Every year I see students who score very high on standardized tests but do not do well on their report card; this case is most often due to under-performance. I see students who are average on these tests but earn all A’s in school; these students tend to work very hard and put in many hours of homework each night. 

A key consideration is how well a child is doing from one year to the next. If a student is improving, that is a good indicator. A 50 is a great score for a student who had a 35 the year before but a poor score for someone who had a 70 last year. From year to year, students who are working diligently usually go up with their scores, students putting in an average amount of effort tend to stay the same, and students under-performing tend to decline. Of course, the quality of the classroom instruction plays a role in this conversation as well. Great teachers and curriculum sharpen the minds and elicit the best efforts out of their students. 

I recommend that in examining the results you focus on the numbers and not on the graphs. The graphs are misleading, especially for numbers from 1-25 and 75-99. For example, a 90 on the graph is ¾ of a full line, looking like a 75! The numbers I find most helpful are the National Percentile Rank or NPR. Although it is a number from 1 to 99, it is not the percent correct. A 63 means that the score is better than 63% of those who took the test and that only 36% of students did better. A 90 means that only 9% did better. The highest score is a 99, and 50 is the average score for the test

Once again we did very well as a school. Following are the grade-level averages for our National School Norms. This is not a direct average of all our students’ NPR but rather a percentile comparison of each of our classes compared to other schools’ classes. These are the averages of all classes K-9: 
95.40 Reading Total 
96.00 Language Total 
87.70 Math Total 
96.00 Science 
94.40 Core Total (Reading, Language and Math)

If you have any questions about our results as a school or your child’s individual results, I’d love to discuss them with you. Thank you for entering into partnership with us in the education of your children. 

Tony Biese 
Headmaster, SJA
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